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4 weeks
This Somerset County client is big on symmetry. They were tired of their old guest bedroom windows leaking into their new extension below and were unhappy with how off-center they were. They reached out to have their bathroom floor redone, new windows installed in their guest bathroom, and new baseboards throughout.
Matt Mora
Sophie Moore

Initial Conversation

In our first meeting we spoke regarding the ideas they had in mind, the reason why they wanted to do the remodeling and used all that information to not only come up with a price but also a plan and anticipate anythign that could go wrong during the remodel.
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Cost breakdown


During the design phase we gave the client floor plans and a 3D rendering of what their new space would look like, here is a preliminary drawing. Following the structural design the client picked out what materials they wanted along with textures, paint and lighting. Its so important to thoroughly design a build before it goes into production or you risk the potential for mistakes and miscommunication. Not on our watch!
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As with every single one of our projects our client received access to our customer portal and a complete schedule with every step for each phase of labor. This entire project took around 4 weeks including inspections and cleanup!


During the construction phase we ran into some problems that we were already anticipating. The client's home is very old and we knew their subfloor was not going to be in good shape, once all the tile and cement was removed we swept and took a good look. Several crack on the boards as well as a completely uneven surface meant this had to be removed and replaced, so we did. We gave the client a brand new subfloor along with a cement board substrate and then began laying down the tile! In the other room all the prior framing for the old window had to be removed and new framing done to pass inspection.
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We finally checked off every box in the list. These are some pictures of the finished product, homeowner couldn't be happier and we were glad to have given him this service.
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"Mora Contractor came to my home and did a wonderful job on installing a waterproof floor in the kitchen, as well as hanging some new cabinetry. They are truly professionals, and take pride in doing the work right. They are courteous and left the..."
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"Matt is the best contractor I have worked with, he is very organized and stuck to the timelines we agreed on. I have worked with others in the past but Matt really blew them out the water. This is a guy that really cares about his customers and...."
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