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Renovating Your Attic? Heres Where To Start!


Do you remember spending time in your attic as a kid? It was probably a finished space with built-in bookshelves, windows, and lights. Today’s attics are very different. They’re likely unfinished, full of dusty insulation, and treacherous to navigate—unless you have a staircase or ladder. That’s because most homeowners don’t like their attics very much. After all, why would anyone want an unfinished space above their heads? To many people, the attic is just wasted space that could be turned into useful living space. This article will explore exactly how you can renovate your attic into a comfortable living area while also discussing some of the challenges that you may face when doing so.

What You Can Do With An Attic Renovation

The first thing you’ll want to decide is what you want your attic to become. Some common attic renovations include a guest room, a home office, or even a master bedroom. If you have enough space in your attic, you might even be able to add a full second floor to your home. Alternatively, you might decide that you’d rather turn your attic into storage space. While this might not be as exciting, it’s still a very practical use of the space.

How to Plan an Attic Renovation

The first step in planning an attic renovation is to make sure that your attic is actually large enough to support whatever you want to put in it. Most attics are between 10’ and 14’ high, so you’ll want to make sure that you have enough room for a functional floorplan. If your attic has a low enough ceiling, you may be able to raise it. Raising the ceiling will give you a lot more space and make the attic a lot more comfortable to be in. You can add as much as 6’ to the height of your attic by installing a suspended ceiling. Raising your attic also makes it easier to add things like insulation and a vapor barrier. A suspended ceiling will also make the attic look a lot nicer.

Hiring a Contractor

Before you get started on serious construction, you’ll want to hire a contractor to give you an estimate for the renovation. You’ll also want to hire a contractor to supervise the renovation if you decide to do it yourself. The contractor can help you decide what materials to use in your renovation and can inspect the work as it progresses to make sure that everything is done correctly. A contractor can also help you obtain any permits that you may need to do the renovation. Local building codes often require that new additions like an attic renovation be permitted. You’ll want to be sure to shop around for contractors and get at least a couple of estimates for the entire job. You’ll want to make sure that you get a fair price for the work that you’re getting.

Decide on Flooring

The first thing that you’ll probably want to do is finish the floor. Depending on the size of your attic, you might want to put in a wood floor. This can be a very nice upgrade, but it’s probably more than you need. A cheaper alternative is to put down a laminate floor. Laminate is much harder to damage and can be refinished if needed. It’s also less expensive than wood. A less traditional option is to install a vinyl or linoleum floor. Both of these options are very durable and look very nice. They are also very easy to clean, which is important in a space that will see a lot of foot traffic.

Add Windows

Many attics don’t have any windows at all. This can make the space feel very oppressive and dark, which isn’t a great environment for living. Adding some windows will help to make the space more pleasant. You can also add skylights to bring even more light into your attic. You can get skylights in almost any size and shape. Some even have adjustable covers that let you control how much light comes in. If you’re interested in adding windows to your attic, you should know that you’ll probably have to hire a contractor. Most homeowners aren’t able to install windows correctly and legally. If you want to maximize natural light in your attic, you should probably install horizontal windows. These windows are mounted at eye level and let in a lot of light.

Add Doors

Doors can be used to create separate rooms in your attic. If you want to create separate spaces, you can either build a traditional door or build a sliding door. You can also use doors to connect your new living space to the rest of your house. You might want to do this if you want to be able to walk up to the attic without a steep climb. If you want to add a door to your attic, you should probably hire a contractor. You can also hire a contractor to install a sliding door, but you can do a traditional door yourself.


Your attic is a great place to expand your living space. With the right renovations, you can create a comfortable and even beautiful space that’s connected to the rest of your home. Once you start to renovate your attic, you’ll probably start to notice how dirty and dusty it is. This is when it’s time to bring in the insulation contractor. Insulation contractors have the expertise to clean the attic and install the right amount of insulation. You may not think of your attic as a place that needs to be renovated, but it’s a great space that’s just waiting to be turned into something wonderful.