How It Works

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Purchase A Design

Browse from a wide range of professionally curated designs. Purchase the one that speaks to your style!


Curated Designs
Fixed Pricing

Schedule Your Design Meeting

After your purchase you will be prompted to schedule your design meeting.

What Happens During Meeting:

3D Scan Of Your Room
Material Samples
Client Portal Onboarding

Approve Your Proposal

After your design meeting we will present you with everything you will need to visualize what your space will look like and an exact proposal for us to build your project.

What to Expect:

3D Rendering
Construction Ready Documents
Firm Proposal

We Renovate Your Space!

After approving your proposal we will take care of your entire renovation process. You are now in the best position for a successful renovation. Below is everything included!

Wehat to expect:

Personal Project Manager
Complete Schedule
Professional Cleaning

Ready to get started?

Schedule a call with one of our project managers or purchase one of our designs.