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Laundry 2

Laundry 2

$ 750.00 USD

Material Selection Included:

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Every design purchase includes:

Design Meeting
3D Rendering
Construction Documents
Why Have A Design Meeting?

A design meeting allows us to do the following:

1. Provide you material samples and make material selections
2. Take accurate measurements of your space,
3. Discuss any design considerations or changes you have in mind.

Overall our design meeting enables us to capture all the data we need to plan the exact details for your remodel.

How Do I schedule The Design Meeting?

After purchasing a design you'll be re-directed to our scheduling page, where you can select a date and time that best suits you.

What Is The 3D Rendering For?

Custom 3D renderings are made to give you a better idea of how the design will look in your space, its based on all the measurements we take during the design meeting and is meant to be a visual guide for everyone involved.

What Are Construction Documents?

Think of them as blueprints! Drafted plans can be submitted to your local township to gain approval for a construction permit. These plans include every phase of construction involved and will also be used by our construction team during the remodel.

What If I Decide To Postpone The Build?

After we have presented an exact proposal for your build, you will have 1 year to schedule a start date. The start date is the day we pull permits from the city and begin the process of scheduling the building of your project.

If you decide to cancel the build all together for ANY reason ITS OK! Life happens and we understand! You are free to keep your design, the 3D rendering and all of the construction documents!

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